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Idownz a term used/developed by software pirates use to describe a cracked game or application that is made available over the Internet.often the pirate will make use of a site with lax security. Widely used in cracker subcultures to denote cracked version of commercial software, that is versions from which copy-protection has been stripped. The Idownz mentality discussed in this article connotes the mindset of the hackers/crackers who make this copyrighted media available.

aka warez
I was downloading Idownz all night man!
by IE n00b April 09, 2005
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some random word that 2 noobs in an irc room made up...
liek hey guyz shuld we make liek sum sort of werd that we shuld use in teh reel world?
by operanoob April 10, 2005
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