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Idman is a female name that is oh so RARE!! Anyone named idman is a BAD BITCH so be aware. Idman is a somali name, unfourtanetly there is no meaning behind it.A girl named idman would NEVER BE A DUMB DHILO so dont try her if so she will 1,2 step your ass to your moms pum.
damnnnn her name must be idman cause she looking all types of fineeeeee
by yogurlfrmda9 March 15, 2017
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It is a uni-sex name, please note it is NOT pronounced " I-dee-man". To those who say it like that...I hate you. The meaning of this name means an independent whatever cultured woman who needs no man in her life. (Just kidding). But no fo cereal now this name means he or she is a very honest and awkward being, enjoys telling puns that are far from funny, tends to be the centre of embarrassment all the time, but hey life goes on...and friggen on. The Idman's in this world are very very rare. Mostly because it is an ugly arse name. You're social status in life is pretty good when your not humilating yourself, and your generally attractive on rare occasion.
by Id-weezy the third November 03, 2013
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