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Used to describe someone who has said something really stupid. Can also be used in some occasions when they do something stupid. When used it is said in a long droaning voice and repeated over and over until the person that did something stupid gets really mad at you,possibly resulting in you getting hit.
Jake: WAIT, George Foreman the grill salesman is the same Person as George Foreman the boxer?!


Jake: SHUTUP, just because im really stupid doesnt make me an idiot boy (WHACK).
by David Z August 11, 2006
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1. a male who is an idiot;

particularly one who has hurt someone as a result of thier idiocy

2. somebody who needs to be bitch slapped by me
by nina_du_pointe_du_lac April 05, 2009
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a guy with the name gerardo known as acting like an idiot and looking like one.
wow, you are such an idiot boy!
by Daddy Yeezy June 22, 2010
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someone who is so stupid that when hearing the term"idiot boy" they reply with "Who are you talking about?" With no clue that even though they are the only other person in the room...well yeah need we say more?
Kirk is such an idiot boy.
by Busty McDome May 04, 2009
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