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it is meant for use for 9 year old kids
please fix the internet
Shut up fucking idiot!
You are irrelevant you fucking idiot.
by ahuman9998 June 12, 2018
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Mitchell: I don't know where all my money went last night.
Ben: You spent it on darts.
Mitchell Smith: Really? I don't remember buying them. Where are they?
Maddie: You smoked them all.
Ben: What a fucking idiot.
by B3NS4N1TY September 26, 2018
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Somebody who knows absolutely nothing on the matter they're arguing.
"That fucking idiot over there, see him? He's called Bogleech and he butts in to shit all the time and he doesn't know left from fucking right."
by Big Bad Judas May 10, 2015
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A fucking idiot defines the worst kind of person; a person you wouldn't mind running over with a 400 tonne tank while their kids watch the blood and guts fly everywhere in a beautiful explosion. A fucking idiot, resembles someone with Trisomy 21, but with lessend side affects. I mean, they could be retarted, but they're not. There's a reason they call it "fucking idiot" rather than just "idiot". This is because this particular person with an IQ that makes their age probably has that extra twinkle of idiocy. Every word they speak has a tinge of "kick me down the fucking stairs." These fucking idiots make you want to pull your hair out because you rather bleed, and suffer in excruiating pain, if only to experience the sweet release of death, because it is the only way to get away from "fucking idiots". Now don't get the phrase fucking idiot confused. If fucking is used as a verb, this may mean something very different. You may be thinking of someone called an "idiot fucker".
"Hey" said Paul to Stacey, "look at that Jake Paul-er dabbing over there. He's being a fucking idiot!"
by Ah D poo October 09, 2017
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It is the broken English way of saying "I'm such a Fucking Idiot!" by a South American man.
Victor realized that he was So Fucking Idiot when he spent all his money at the Casino.
by will bitten January 24, 2017
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The conclusion you came to, after realising a girl you like was interested in you, but you just couldn't see it no matter how many hints she thrown at you!
I never realised that she was into me! I'm a fucking idiot.
by Yetu December 26, 2012
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People who tend to use Urban Dictionary to amuse themselves (and only themselves) by making up defenitions for people they hate.
"Hahaha, I am totally burning him by putting his name in this!"
by The Lost Skeleton January 09, 2005
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