A beautiful, strong and courageous woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Origin: A queen named Idia, mother of King Esigie of the Benin Kingom ( in Nigeria) was the only woman who fought in a war and brought back the head of the enemy in victory. There is a bronze mask made in her honor, sculpted by the Benins but currently in the British museum after they stole it.
Damn I wish I has the courage to tell the professor of like her. She is Idia
by Regalbabe March 20, 2017
A beautiful, well raise, ambitious man; Oh yeah... with an extremely big penis and is talented AND I MEAN TALENTED between the sheets.
Boy: Relax, Whats wrong?
Girl: Uhhh where are you trying to put that anaconda?
Boy: *laughs*
Girl: IDIA!!!!!
by Softeeeey June 22, 2011
an adorable man with fire for hair who will do anything for others and spends most his time holed up in his room.
also made a robot of his dead brother
person 1: my favourite character is idia shroud
person 2: omg no way me too!!!
by avatar of nv May 19, 2022
"Didn't you date me tho"
" And IDIA"
by Joeshiesty February 11, 2022