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A pair of breasts that are so unique that, if you were to see just a picture of her chest, you could recognize the person immediately.
"Did you see her identitties?"
"Yeah! That's (Girl A)"
"Amazing. You've got some serious indentitty skills."
by adesyndicate February 09, 2015
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Tits that are identical in shape, size and softness, including nipple size, at least to the naked eye.

Sometimes associated with fake tits, identitties tend to fall under the category of "unrealistic expectations" and could come under fire at a site like

from L. idem = "the same" and titties = breasts, usually human and female
I prefer non-identitties to fake identitties anyday.

Pamela Anderson has identitties; Kate Winslet does not; both have been naked far too often on television.
by dropdedman February 28, 2011
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