Someone that takes really ugly selfies
“Hey have you seen Dianna’s new post?”
Yea, she’s such an Idaho potato!”
by Big Fat Oof January 31, 2019
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Man I smashed it like an Idaho potato she call my at my O.J. "come now"
by Dick Big Jaquan September 23, 2017
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A sexual act or punishment in which the male punches himself in the testicles until they swell up to two or three times their actual size and tea bags the recipient unforgivably. The act is not complete until the victim blacks out or receives serious facial wounds.
Mike- "Jake stole my Reese's peanut butter cups yesterday. If i'm not mistaken i'd say he was asking for an Idaho potato sack."

Aaron- "Dude not worth the pain."

Mike- "I wont stop until this punk looses an eye or needs re constructive facial surgery."
by Perny October 28, 2009
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The Idaho potato gun consists of the following. Eating a large can of chili con carne' then applying KY warming effects to your anus, and sticking a potato in your ass. The goal is to fart the potato farther than five feet. If this is not accomplished, then the "shooter" has to eat it. If it is accomplished, then the person who challenged the other person has to eat it.
Mike challenged Konrad to a Idaho potato gun contest to see who was going to by the beer for the nite. Konrad ate the chili and stuffed the potato up his ass and shot it seven feet. Mike had to eat the potato. Dude you suck, you shot it farther than five feet! You bastard !
by James Poe March 28, 2008
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When you are having anal and stop abruptly to run to the kitchen and grab several potato’s and shove them in her ass
Dude I totally idaho potato farm her last night
by Frogger Cryox February 9, 2018
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This is a procedure that includes an oven with self clean. The first thing you will do is put the potato in a microwavable bag, you will then put the oven on self clean. After several hours of self clean you need to carefully take the potato out of the bag and insert it into your partners vagina. You will then proceed to have intercourse with the 800 degree fahrenheit potato; sadly but surely each partners genitals will have 3rd degree burns. This term originated in idaho when an ignorant female put a potato in an oven and accidently activated self clean. Her husband was very irate with her and decided to insert the potato into her vagina and rape her.
Veronica, i hope you enjoyed that, because thats the last time your gonna' enjoy intercourse, after that Idaho Potato Bagger!
by ruebenstain December 13, 2010
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