People who 99% of the time post only close up head shots of themselves versus rarely (if ever) posting full body shots.
She has an Iceberg Complex or Iceberging because you never see full body pics of her.

He icebergs all his pics. What is he hiding?
by JQM July 8, 2014
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That hot girl you see at the stoplight in the cabriolet whose neck looks like a supermodel and her ass is the size of a lineman. See also, Car Cute.
Dude, that chick was flirting hard at the light yesterday. Too bad she's a total iceberg.
by bikenrunr March 30, 2005
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Like a grenade, an iceberg is a girl that you don't want around. This is a girl with a boyfriend; not bad on top, but beneath the surface there's a BIG problem.
Why are grenades and icebergs even allowed in the house?
by Napoleon Bronaparte January 29, 2011
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a turn that meets the 80/20 rule of icebergs. One that is big enough to come sticking out of the water 20%. Watch out because there's another 80% below!
by the prophet March 26, 2003
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The action taken generally by old people of swimming in the sea. It is usually a practice undertaken during winter, though can also be regarded as iceburging when the weather is regarded by the majority of the community to be too cold for swimming.
We were walking along the beach when we saw that old guy iceberging! It was the middle of winter, and he was out there in his togs swimming, the crazy old man!
by Tulleynews July 11, 2009
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the sex act of putting the tongue on ice then giving oral sex.
i put my tongue on ice then gave my girl the iceberg
by icebergman June 12, 2010
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A man is giluilty of iceberging when a small portion of his manhood is visibly tenting his shorts fabric like the tip of an iceberg.
"I can see your whole package in those shorts" says my wife. Think so, do you? I tell her she must not be a sailor 'cause I'm just iceberging.
by Marc Thompson May 15, 2016
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