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A group of human warriors appearing in Lone Wolf 3 and World of Lone Wolf 5. Perhaps the most objectionable of the portrayals modelled loosely on actual groups, since the Ice Barbarians are warlike, vicious and xenophobic, and are ruled by a tyrannical monarch, the Brumalmarc. They are therefore very different from real-world peoples such as the Inuit and Aleut who seem to provide a model for their dress and culture.

Ice Barbarians appear to be nomadic, living in the icy wilderness of Kalte and attacking interlopers. They fight in small bands, with each warrior accompanied by a small child carried on their back. Both warrior and child are armed with bows, and the warriors travel swiftly across the ice by using ski-like snowshoes.

Despite their warlike inclinations, the Ice Barbarians presumably trade with the Sommlending, since otherwise the city of Ljuk would have no function.
Lone Wolf 3 is one of the freest of the gamebook series in terms of the routes a player can follow in order to complete the book. Encounters with the Ice Barbarians occur on some routes and can develop in several ways.
by Andy April 25, 2004
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