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A slang term for water. Any ice juice that is particularly refreshing may in fact be "Freshly squeezed ice juice."
by Cocktail Sauce #1 October 13, 2009
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Water which is too cold to be Water but too warm to be Ice. The state of Water 'Just before it becomes Ice' !! Commonly used by Collective Friends of the Isle of Man. Discovered and Named By Dr Mikey Chanrock of west coast Isle of Man.
Private party at home....

One mate to another....

..... Yo Bro...while you're grabbin a can...throw some Ice in me Glass...

The Bro looks in the Freezer and replies.... sorry Phella... Its just 'IceJuice' right now... leave it 5 Aright!!!!
by MJ C October 09, 2009
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