A small segment of Canadian territory. Popular location where individuals often come to receive temporary Canadian citizenship while engaging in violence over 6 oz of vulcanized rubber (their second-most valuable asset. See Stanley Cup for the most valuable asset.) See also hockey.
Whenever Ice run buck nekkid through the snow, Ice Rink.
by Chris M. April 23, 2003
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Another term for a brazilian. When a woman's pubic area resembles a freshly groomed ice rink after a run in with a zamboni.
I left the bar friday night with that 38 y.o. MILF. Once she stripped down, she was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

No way, she had an ice rink?
by J O V August 4, 2009
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a place where a bunch of druggie underage substance abusers hang out. most people are chill apart from this nitty group that go bridge a lot and think they are so cool but no one likes them
guys who’s coming oxford ice rink on saturday?
by swagraddilf October 12, 2021
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One man ejaculates on another ones hairy chest and let's it harden so it looks like an ice skating rink.
Justin gave Dennis a San Francisco ice rink.
by Otsego66 May 24, 2019
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Hi Collin or Colin or Idk your name cause that might be your name or your friend or brothers name... ok I need to stop saying or so anyways

The girl from the ice rink is a fun crazy girl she can be annoying at times but she still is amazing she has amazing green eye that are easy to get lost in and she loves ice skating her favorite animal is a dog and no she is not obsessed with her phone she just needs contact with her mom

I hope your reading this and if you are it would be akward at the ice rink P.S my names Grace
Guy:Omg who is that

Guy 2: I don't know maybe It's The "Girl From Ice Rink"
by IceIsMyLife February 20, 2017
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common phrase used to describe a bald head.
Bob's bald head is not a solar panel for a sex machine, it's more like an ice skating rink for flies.
by WVGrizMan69 December 19, 2016
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