6 definitions by Chris M.

getting grabbed and raped at the same time
Chris:but when ur a girl they go up your shirt
Cayla: yup
Cayla: I got graped so many times
by Chris M. August 10, 2004
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A small segment of Canadian territory. Popular location where individuals often come to receive temporary Canadian citizenship while engaging in violence over 6 oz of vulcanized rubber (their second-most valuable asset. See Stanley Cup for the most valuable asset.) See also hockey.
Whenever Ice run buck nekkid through the snow, Ice Rink.
by Chris M. April 23, 2003
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Only the chosen gamers can become a real number
U suck no way your a real number
by Chris M. April 05, 2004
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a place in canada.. damn canadians naming their land after dirty, dirty things
Person 1: Lets go to Yucon
Person 2: EWWWWWW .. the ideas that come out of your mouth is like that shit coming out of ur ass... here let me clean that up for u
Person 1:o sorry i pulled a muscle in my ass so i cant hold it in anymore
by Chris M. January 25, 2005
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