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the abbreviation of Isla Vista, the small college community connected to UC Santa Barbara, one of the top 10 party schools.
I went to a crazy party in IV last weekend and got hella smashed.
by Lauren Holden March 31, 2005
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1) 'Four' in Roman numerals.

2) Intraveneous, as in 'intraveneous fluids'.
1) Harold IV was the fourth Harold in his family.

2) While you're here, sir, we need to hook you up to this IV.
by Diggity Monkeez February 08, 2005
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Isla Vista, the place where all the mad partygoers from UCSB (University of Casual Sex and Beer) go to get drunk off their asses, smoke bowls larger than Bill Gates' ego, and light couches on fire.
I'm goin' down to I.V. to get me some ASS!
by joe September 26, 2003
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IV (abbreviation for Initial Value) in Pokemon video games (blue, emerald, diamond, etc.) - IVs are randomly generated numbers that give individual Pokemon a bonus from 1-31 in each stat. These are set bonuses that are unchangeable from the time the Pokemon is born or first seen in the wild.
Not all Pokemon are created equal. My Pikachu is better than yours because he was born with a 31 IV in speed and special attack.
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Dude, why'd you tell him that?

What's the deal, he was going to find out anyway.

I would have rather told him my own stuff, bro.

It's not like screwed you over, ya' know.

But still, that's raping me of my I.V. with that person. =\

by patrick808099 January 19, 2010
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