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This is a phrase that you are obligated to yell when you say something really bad while playing a video game. If you get really mad and you scream something really terrible, then you have to scream "in game!!!!!" right after. If you say in game, that means it's not associated with real life, which means it's ok.
You: Playing minecraft bedwars
You: gets killed by someone
You: GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!!! Go fucking jump off a cliff-
IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by Kurapika Kurta August 28, 2019
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1) (adj) The state of being inside of a full screen and online game.

2) (n) A person who is "in the zone" while playing a video game.
1) Sajeeb: Yo start up Age of Mythology.
Amit: Aright, cya ingame.

2) OMGSH Sajeeb just built a Titan! That guy must really be ingame.
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in-game is the short term for " in the game "

a particular thing that would happend in the game only
i want to have an in-game boyfriend
by Kazumii_ December 31, 2017
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