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Short for Iā€™m internally chuckling. Appropriate for use when LOL is not quite warranted first coined by JJ The night guy from WAPE FM Jacksonville
His wife just left him, IIC.
by Suedinhem February 17, 2018
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If I'm correct
The shorter version of 'iirc', 'If I recall correctly'. Using 'iic' will save 5PB of bandwidth by the year 2089.

That banana was not good to eat yet, it was green iic.
by bananaboycarter June 17, 2014
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A bitch ass nigga school where nibbas with 10 inch cocks go to, 90% of the students are called mustafa or mohamed and probably have already signd up to isis
That girl is an iics
by Gayhomophobicfemale July 09, 2019
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