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Identified Flying Object
Is it a bird? A plane? A bus? No, it's superman, now it's an IFO?
by Kreezy November 12, 2003
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Identified Flying Object, such as a plane, or hot air balloon. Things that can easily be identified in the air.
Nobody seemed to care that Jim caught an I.F.O on film.
by Guacamullet October 27, 2014
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"It's fucking on."

Refers to gatherings of best friends who haven't seen each other in years for the purposes of shenanigans and ridiculously amazing times. Usually celebrated over a three or four-day period, beginning with dinner and drinks at a Sportsbar on a Thursday or Friday and concluding with a gentleman's breakfast on Sunday. Drinking often does not stop between the IFO commencement and the conclusion of IFO, despite the high class exhibited by the gentlemen.

Although IFOs are often separated by months or years, the social interaction that occurs in consecutive IFOs makes it appear that nothing has changed with the IFO participants, giving the illusion of one continuous IFO.

Post-IFO symptoms include a fatigued diaphragm (from laughing) and facial muscles (from grinning like idiots). And sometimes a hangover. In some cases IFO participants experience post-IFO depression when they realize the beauty of life during an IFO relative to the non-IFO world. The promise of another IFO relieves symptoms.

Pronunciation: eif-oh

For related terms such as "It's SO fucking on!" one drops the S and still say "IFO!"
Bachelor party?! IFO! Reunion with best college buddies?! IFO!
by Dr/Papa K May 24, 2010
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