Person 1: We had so much fun at the party.
Person 2: IDGF
by IDGF Definition November 16, 2016
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I Dont Give A Fuck
Not so much an apathy but complete disregard for feelings
Me: Lew you can't say that shit bro.
Lew: Why cant I?
Me: Retard kids are NOT funny.
Lew: Yeah but IDGF fool
by Da215BigBen February 13, 2010
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When she texted me asking where I want to go to dinner I texted her back idgf.
by josh_w February 10, 2009
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Most of the time it’s, I don’t give a fuck. Sometimes it’s, I don’t go first
You give me the yo-yo, then I’ll give you the snack. Idgf = I don’t go first

Mom: your room is messy
Child: IDGF= I don’t give a fuck
by BugEatingABug October 12, 2023
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