the phrase used by wimps after any type of competition. If they lose the competition (game of COD, fight, wrestle off), they say "wow, i wasn't trying." If they somehow win, they say "wow, i beat you and i wasn't even trying"
Guy 1: Yo i destroyed you in COD. how did you end up with negative 16 deaths?
Guy 2: Yea, and how did that tiny ginger kid beat you up yesterday?
Wimp/Tool: Wow, i wasn't trying, obviously
by palabra up March 6, 2010
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That is exactly what you were trying to do you fucking cripple. You're too used to everyone pitying your gaping retarded butthole. You weren't just anything. There's nothing 'natural' about predatory women molesting a retard.
Crippy-Crappable "I wasn't trying to..."

Hym "No you were and you failed. The only thing you've succeeded in doing is drain away whatever sympathy I had for retards. Amd that isn't even YOUR doing. It's the fucking people around me defending it that did it. So, no. I don't care what happens to retards now. At all. This is why eugenics is an idea someone had at some point in history. When you think back and ask yourself 'How could someone seriously suggests eugenics?' I want you to get you fat ass up off the couch. Walk to you bathroom. Look and the mirror. And tell yourself 'Oh! Right... Me. I'm the cause of that. My defunct mind is the reason retards belong in a ditch.' And then I want you to find a way for you to drain some of that shit... Out of your skull. I don't know if you want to use a drill or a bullet or WHATEVER. Get that shit out of your head. At all costs. Don't breed. If you HAVE bred... Get rid of them. It's not ok."
by Hym Iam October 18, 2023
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