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A term used to admit you're retarded, ignorant, supportive of dictatorships or possibly all three.

Gained infamy from a Guardian writer (see brain dead) named Ash Sarkar when she yelled it in response to Piers Morgan suggesting she loved Obama.
Ash Sarkar (alongside the many morons circle jerking of her "slap down" of Piers Morgan) claims to be against fascism, racism and oppression but communism has been responsible for the biggest suffering in human history causing Holodomor in the USSR which led to more deaths than even the Holocaust.

Communism installs a dictatorship, censors the media, imprisons political opposition and bans "wrong think" (so anything opposed or contrary to the communistic ideology of the state). In other words, it's little different than Nazism and thus fascism, those who say otherwise will claim willful ignorance to communism's principles and crimes against humanity often arguing "true communism has never been tested."

It has been tested and is still in place in a country like North Korea. Anyone yelling "I'm literally a communist" like Ash should receive a one way ticket to there and that includes half of the zombified users on the unitedkingdom and London reddit subs who honestly think communism can work.

Brain dead woman aka Ash Sarkar: "I'm literally a communist enjoying the free speech I can only have in a democracy!"

Twitter braindead communists: "Us too! Communism works...except when it didn't...which has been all the time...b-but one day it will when we get the right guy controlling absolutely everything! Now...where were we? Oh yes...down with fascism..."
by Smash Communism July 13, 2018
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