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A portmanteau of "Sandinista" and "Guardian" . Guardianista is a derogatory terms used to describe someone who typically lives in an ultra liberal bubble. The term describes an individual who believes themselves to be (wrongly) some kind of heroic people's champion or revolutionary in the form of a left wing Sandinista, fighting for "rights" and "justice". The individual typically reads the Guardian and follows the views of that newspaper vehemently. The person is usually from an upper-middle class background and rejects the fact they are actually not representative to the population at large, except tiny cliques of living in London and other major metropolitan areas in the UK. These cliques are often described as hipster, snowflakes and avocado-munchers. The Guardianistas adamantly opposed to the UK's decision to leave the European Union (often they are called "ultra-remoaners") and can see no wrong with the European Union. In this, the Guardianistas idolise the very people they once demonised because these people now represent them in preventing Brexit, persons such as Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and banking / finance elites.
When in North London I always bump into a typical Guardianista , they just can't stop whining about how all the people who voted for Brexit are bigots, racist and illiterate.
by WinstonF May 02, 2018
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In Britain,
an insult used by right wing commentators to describe middle class left/liberals and there perceived liberal agenda.
Seen as living in places like islington, stereotypically wear sandals, eat muesli, and have beards.

Comes frome the newspaper "The Guardian", and Latin American revolutionaries, Sandinistas.
The guardianistas new health and safety recommendations. want to stop us using the plebs for target practice.
by ASSA7634 March 11, 2008
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