-Is used to describe one feels about their own self, or the way they smell.
-Can be used to express how depressed, angry, pissed off at the world, hangry, saddened, or slutty you are in that moment.
Person 1; "Ugh.. I'm trash today"
Person 2; "Stop being so hangry and get a life you slut."
by KYS-U-HOMOPHOBIC-BITCH October 28, 2016
1)To be seriously intoxicated by some sort of mind-altering substance, like alcohol, pills, dope, etc., and useless for anything as a result.

2)What you say when you are stoned out of your mind or wasted on alcohol. Used often at college frat parties and keggers.
1) I had WAY too much booze, and now I'm trashed and it's like, ho-lee shit, why is the floor moving?
2) I'm trashed! Who wants a blowjob?
by WelcomeToNowhere July 29, 2010