"I completely disagree with you and everything you stand for. However, I will lose any rational argument with you on the topic so I am taking the high-ground and avoiding the discussion while sounding superior."
If you express a rational statement supporting gay rights a religious person might (intelligently) just say "I'll pray for you.".
by Samme December 31, 2013
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Usually used by Christians (although it can be used by any person of belief) when speaking to a person of another faith/person without faith.

Essentially their way of talking down to others without swearing.
Which makes more sense: The universe was created by an all knowing, all powerful being, that leaves no trace of its existance? Or that our primitive ancestors created the concept of God because they were afraid and needed answers.

I'll pray for you.

* * * *

I'll pray for you.

Well fuck you too!
by flashwildecard November 28, 2010
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