A girl walks down the street and she is very Sexy/Attractive. Instead of saying i want to bone her, you say, "I'd Pee in her butt".
Bob: "Damn look at her she is hot:
Me: "Yeah I would pee in her but"
by Tyler Durden February 1, 2004
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A comical way to show affection or interest to a woman who is found to be " sexy " .
The interloper would then say " I'd pee in her butt " to show interest
Barbara streizand walks down the street- I would not pee in her butt
The hot chick from the hot tub scene in that Marilyn Manson video - i'd pee in her butt
by Macroshy November 11, 2019
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She is so hot, your main thinking isnt to actually pee in her butt, but you would if she wanted you to.
At the bar with your buddies, a hotty walks across the room, you say I'd Pee in Her Butt.
by Kulvir February 3, 2012
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It means that you would have sex with that person
Guy#1 Hey man check out that chick over there.

Guy #2 I'd pee in her butt
by Loufishy April 27, 2016
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