instead of saying 'only joking', you say 'i joke'
'you so dumb, i joke!'
by Pollage February 28, 2008
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An instagram meme page that went downhill but still has loyal followers
weirdo 1: dude you have heard i_cant_tell_if_i_am_joking ???

normal person: no?? lol whats that

weirdo 2: i cant tell if i am joking is a meme page- the admins are weird and the posts are too. BUT ITS RLLY ADDICTING, also it had kind of been going downhill BUT i am a loyal follower‼️ been here since 64 followers
by SpencerReidsBooks September 4, 2021
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the thing you tell the principal when you type into google download hentai free on a school account.
Principal: why did you search for that?
Kid: I was just joking. Plz no kill
by literallynobody October 22, 2020
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The definitive statement that proves anything you say is an inside joke. Best used when everybody gets the joke or when the statement is in no way a joke.
"True Detective!? More like false detective... Only I get that joke."
by DirtyCa$h13 May 10, 2014
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A phrase used by youtuber Jacksucksatlife when trolling a hacker on and she wrote him a BLOODY POEM when he said he wanted a JOKE.
'Roses are red
Coal is black
Skycade is fun
I hope this is jack'
That was incredible jocie! But guess what.
I said a joke.
I didnt say a poem josie
Where is the punchline, how is that a punchline 'skycade is fun' thats not a joke josie i said a joke not a poem josie I SAID A JOKE NOT A POEM
by EditorKaiIsABrush June 28, 2019
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I said a joke not a poem is a popular frase from Jacksucksatlife.He asked the person to say a joke but they said a poem and he said that.
Jack:Say a joke.
Person:Roses are red ,violents are blue , i love your vids, pls dont ban me.
by TheOfficalEverzo April 18, 2018
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