In modern vernacular the most direct way of saying you have the desire to copulate. If spoken aloud, there will be no doubt about your mindset, with any person that speaks english or several other languages. The thing that every guy want's to hear from his prom date. Other SYNONYMS would include; I want to sex you up, I want to get naked,I want to do the horizontal bop, I want to make it with you, I want to make sweet love to ya woman(chef), Or the following statement which involves the same act of human copulation, however may cause erectile disfunction(ED),and therefore virtually impossible to "fill the order"; I want to have your baby.
two old guys standing at the bus stop, an extremely hot young woman, wearing a very form fitting short knit skirt and low cut knit top,saunters by the "gentlemen":
OLD GUY #1: Oy vay! I want to fuck her.
OLD GUY #2: Out of what ?
by TERRYZZ February 17, 2009
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Something you say at the end of every work day when you come home exhausted and life doesn’t make any sense and just isn’t worth it

Something you scream into the pillow in your room when you’re alone

Something you say because you have long-lasting clinical depression that never goes away
I want to fucking die living is only pain and not worth it
by kuykee11 February 11, 2019
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Something mentally ill people type into the Google searchbar from time to time because they feel an intense sense of desperation and hopelessness but don't think it's serious enough to tell an actual human being.
Should I call a suicide hotline? Nah, I'll just look up "I want to fucking die" and see if a mass media corporation has any answers for me.
by nothing_helps September 13, 2021
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When you're so done with life you turn your depression into humor. Sad-clown esqe.
"I will stop making depression jokes when depression stops making a joke out of me."
Person 1: "I want to fucking kill myself."
Person 2: "Same."
Person 3: "Mood."
by NekoKat May 28, 2021
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