show on vh1 featuring members from i love new york, flavor of love, and rock of love, as they compete for $250,000
dude i watched i love money last night!
by bulldog889 September 2, 2008
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What you put as a status when you hack someones account on Facebook
Male: I love cock

Female: I love cock
by MreX December 4, 2011
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A term used continuously by Rapper Zalasia towards negativity it is simply the light of day;
Zalasia posted on Snapchat “I love everybody” to her users just to brighten up their day; and let it be known that someone in the world is in their corner.
by Internetnerd04 January 30, 2019
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The most beautiful and lovely girl ever! Deserves all love in the world.. I love her and well EVERYBODY SHOULD!
by I Love Sabina August 22, 2017
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Words to describe feelings when a really special action from a person that can help you feel better and get you smiling, symptoms of happiness and feel supported in which their actions consider you telling them I Love you, because you love the person for who they are and what they are doing for you because that is how their actions effect your emotions, Nothing Magical!
"Mom I Love you for supporting me in court today"

"I Love you Baby for always cooking for me after coming from work all tired"
by iBeam_718172 February 14, 2012
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Three words that you say if your heart truly belongs to someone. That you would die for them.
Guy:I love you jess.

Girl:I love you too.
by lev1234567 June 10, 2009
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