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A very smart girl. Hyras are sometimes misunderstood but they are very bright. People think they have the perfect life but they don't. Usually Hyras are charming and beautiful. They have a way with people just by the look into their eyes. They care a lot for people. They love romance and fun. They are also indecisive. But a lot of people like hyras. They're special in a good way. This makes a lot of people look up to them and like them in every way. Hyra loves music and sports. They have a nice body. Once they like someone, they would be commited and loyal. It's easy for them to attract people because of their looks and perhaps their personality. They are usually bubbly and cheerful. But Once they're hurt, they would usually keep quiet or either burst. Once they're all alone, they might cry to themselves. Hyras make a lot of friends. They are trustable and kind. The name hyra isn't common but Hyra is definitely a keeper for a friend, lover or anything else.
"Hey you see that girl there? Damnnn."

"I know right.. She must be a Hyra."
by Jannn February 20, 2015
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A Hyra is the sort of person that does not quite fit in anywhere, a person of unlimited potential and skill, with a righteous upbringing and a generally courteous manner. But most Hyra's are unaccepted by a wide range of people, simply for not conforming. A Hyra will sometimes think themselves insane. Often searching for a deep friendship, but few are met with success. Confident around Women, but never having much luck, A Hyra will put his friends before his dates, usually to his detriment.
"See that boy over their in the corner?"
"He's seems like a bit of a Hyra to me"
"I know what you mean, always squinting into the distance"
"He like he is constantly brooding"
"Definitely a Hyra"
by Velvet Wall March 04, 2014
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