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A person who talks the shit about everyone he knows, while acting like a friend to there face. Makes up lies about two chicks writing him letters that were never sent to start a fight or make a girlfriend jelous for his own gratafication of his phyco nature. Guys like this usualy are writers and live in a fantasy world. Realy bad friends to trust. And they usualy smell like animal fecies due to thier lack of bieng clean personalitys and lak of asperation.
Bo: Dude why are you letting him say all that stuff bout Tellz
Barry: Don't worry she doesn't let Hypocritzliar bother her. she knows he's a backstabbing troll that can't handle the pain of her blowing him off. He's just pissed he can't get a shot at it ever again. dude man even talks about her in frount of his GF and posted stuff so it would be seen. For what fi the guy hates her?
Bo: John is such a douche. She told me she didn't have the heart to tell him she never got off, but kept trying so it wouldn't be a total loss.
Barry: rotflmao that sounds like Tellz. listening to Oasis and walflowers lettin it

Tellz: Guys stop-thats not the better road
Bo: fu*k that Andys right gurl, stay away from the troll
by pplthtTlkshtRjelousNinsecure November 18, 2009
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