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One of the stupidest things to ever come out of Fut...All Glory to Hypnotoad, all others pale in comparison to hypnotoad!!
And the grand-prize winner is...HYPNOTOAD!

*slow clap starts for hypnotoad*
by Just v8 August 01, 2010
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Hypno Toad- A world famous TV icon from the crazy world of futurama. Is currently being nominated for many awards.
Beware after 15 minutes of constant viewing can cause the following symptoms- Headaches, manic hair brushing , feeling of flying and necrophilia.
Hypno Toad e.g Scary freak who know everything irrelevant,nothing important and generally is green and slimy.aka Mr B
by Cpt Crazy October 21, 2006
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A toad capable of hypnosis through tel... ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!
I don't see what's so special abot th...ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD!!!
by scotsman_too_hotsman September 18, 2009
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1. Prominent character on program 'Everybody Loves Hypnotoad'

"I love hypnotoad."
by debaser May 09, 2004
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The hypnotizing Toad from Fururama
Announcer: "We now join America's most popular show already in progress: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad."
Fry: "This show's been going downhill since season 3."
by Rederickfay April 08, 2005
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Meh, this show really went downhill in the 3rd season.
All glory to the hypnotoad!
by WhoisHomer February 05, 2005
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A general insult, meaning an all powerful, sleepless nutter. Can sometimes be found wearing a Pirate Costume in Cosplay and LARP games.
He is such a Hypnotoad.

That guy is like Hypnotoad!
by Lwys August 12, 2009
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