A collection of incredibly dumb (and very rarely intelligent) people constantly giving suggestions that will never be implemented into any form of entertainment due to lack of reason, intelligence, and common sense.
Most of the sections on the Hypixel Forums are full of nothing but the opposite of common sense, but I found one really good forum that has convinced me that the average human intelligence is higher than 13!
by SaSoGaming November 19, 2017
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A place where people come to complain about their blatant hacking appeal get denied and to make shitty suggestions that'll never get added while somehow getting an immense amount of reactions - There's also a community inside the forums, but just like most hypixel related communities it's extremely immature, doesn't know how to handle drama and gradually degrading.
'So, what do you do as a hobby?'
'Oh, I come on the Hypixel Forums alot.'
'Ew wtf get away from me I don't want to catch your cringe'
by Laffey February 25, 2021
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Children that get banned for cheating don't privately appeal, instead try to cancel watchdog
You either use tumblr or the hypixel forums
by CaveSlime May 21, 2020
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