2 definitions by Laffey

When you're so good at foruming that you basically get a custom forum title on the Hypixel Forums
Wow I've been dominating this forum land I'm basically the next sykese
by Laffey February 2, 2021
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A place where people come to complain about their blatant hacking appeal get denied and to make shitty suggestions that'll never get added while somehow getting an immense amount of reactions - There's also a community inside the forums, but just like most hypixel related communities it's extremely immature, doesn't know how to handle drama and gradually degrading.
'So, what do you do as a hobby?'
'Oh, I come on the Hypixel Forums alot.'
'Ew wtf get away from me I don't want to catch your cringe'
by Laffey February 25, 2021
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