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when a couple spends all of their time together without any breaks for other friends only to break-up because they get sick of each other.
Jenny: "Where's Sarah, I haven't seen her in months"
Erin: "Oh, she's hyperdating Steve"

Two weeks later:

Erin: "Hey Sarah, where's Steve"
Sarah: "We broke up, I got sick of him."
by oxymoronis November 30, 2010
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Dating many different people over a short period of time.
Dating at Hyperspeed.
1st Man: OMG! I'm still single.I want to find my partner in life soon. Valentine's Day is coming!.

2nd Man: Dude! you should try hyperdating that happens before Valentine's Day comes.

1st Man: throws a hinky to the 2nd Man and then do a sigh.
by joharra October 28, 2009
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