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Beware of this type of fuckboy, you won't notice the signs until it's too late. He will talk to you almost everyday, FaceTime you to sleep, be interested in your likes/dislikes, and allude to a future with you in it. This type of guy will make you feel like you're his favorite because he won't lie that you're not the only one of his bae's. He is honest with you and will seem genuinely into you. Hanging out will be on his terms. But when you do hangout you forget about his fuckboyness because he's actually a great person. He has the potential to be the best boyfriend but chooses not to be. He is usually nice, hilarious, financially stable, smart, good looking, active, charismatic, and fun. But this hybrid is a fuckboy for a reason, he doesn't see the point in dating at this current point in time. He will say things like "when are we hanging out" and then not make plans. He avoids questions that he doesn't want to answer by changing the subject or simply not responding. He apologizes for not texting you back on time or tells you when he will be busy and can't respond. He occasionally goes days without talking to you but snapchats you like nothing is wrong. He won't ask for nudes and he won't send you dick pics unless you ask for them. You wouldn't be able to tell that he has fuckboy tendencies until he's hooked you in by his charm and caring nature.
We talk all the time but rarely hang out, I don't understand why. He's a hybrid fuckboy that's why.
by Calleigh Mae June 21, 2016
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