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An expresion of frustration and despair. A more extreme version of humph
when one finds a hedgehog stuck in ones eyeball
by Ally mac March 06, 2004
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A word used to describe a person who enjoys equestrian activities. Normally from a higher social class, someone who is hurumph, is also likely to spend their weekends down the stables, wearing tweed, visiting National Trust properties and events such as Henley Regatta and the Oxford / Cambridge boat race.
A: I'll introduce you to Quentin, he will be along in a minute, he is just giving Rupert a lift home from the stables.

B: Ah, is he hurumph, I'll get the best China out.
by WherebyartthouRomeo April 10, 2011
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The sound made when a person clears his/her throat, often interjected when speaking or writing to indicate that the next word or phrase is used ironically or euphemistically.
Girl: I guess you were telling me the truth....
Dude: Hurumph! I told you so!
by fumi July 19, 2006
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