A derogatory term for someone of Hungarian or eastern European descent, especially an immigrant.

"Hunyak" is also the only innocent prisoner in the musical Chicago, yet also the only one hanged because she can't defend herself in English, a fact which the playwright makes a jab at America's justice system.
Anybody else notice Hunyak's handkerchief during cell block tango was white when everyone else's was red?
by zebra_b1tch September 23, 2018
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Dirt bag guys who think they can get it in with any chick... but they have small dicks. They tend to go after brown bag specials and don't appreciate the hot ass girl that they did have. They are nice to look at but dumber than a box of rocks.
Girl 1: Haha those hunyaks are pieces of shit!
Girl 2: Yeah! I know, the wasn't even good!
by S.D. Bitches June 28, 2011
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hey did u hear about that hunyak? he gives good bj's
by gussigui February 2, 2009
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He drives like a hunyak!
by Shane Ilic September 5, 2008
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