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Huntingdon Valley is the craziest town in the world, rite outside of Phila. Shit goes down in the valley that people dont even want to talk about. Gangs like "A Dub" run the streets. Also Huntingdon Valley boys r known to be ballers and dons. If you live in the da valley ur a boss
"Yo, shit be crazy in the da valley this time of year.."
"I know...bill be strapped wit nine,nine iron dat is."
"Dem Valley boyz run shit" Hell yh"
"Huntingdon Valley runs shit"
by Big Daddy XL March 05, 2008
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A sheltered bubble just outside of Philadelphia, PA. This is not to be confused with any location INSIDE Philadelphia, PA.

They have only 3 schools there; a single elementary school, a middle school, and a small high school. This is without including Bryn Athyn, an even smaller community and even more of an isolated bubble located within the slightly larger but still really small bubble that is Huntingdon Valley.

HV features a surprisingly high Jewish population, a virtually non-existent crime-rate, and no valleys or mountains whatsoever.

The top addictions in the city: Uggs, texting, facebook, and getting kicked out of school dances.
A "Where are you from?"

B "Oh, I'm from Huntingdon Valley"

A "Where's that?"

B "Uh, it's like in Philly"

C "LMAO. Uh, no"
by LM '10 March 18, 2009
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