If you call yourself humble, you're no longer humble.
by Droeftoeter May 20, 2017
the ability, to be, and stay hunble
Bro, Jon got humbility for sure.
by jaytheplaya04 April 16, 2019
When Iron Sheik puts you in the Camel Clutch, breaks your back, then fucks you in the ass afterwards.
"That jabroni Bren Blair: I put him in the Camel Clutch, break his back, fuck his ass, make him HUMBLE!" - Iron Sheik
by Meatisbeat September 9, 2013
He showed so much humbility even after receiving the award.
by lumzeegates May 20, 2013
Noun: a misdemeanor; a criminal offense punishable by less than one year in prison.
Ray got arrested for murder but walked away with a humble.
by Maxwell Demon November 2, 2007
The word people use when they want to look like they are downplaying an achievement but are actually boasting about it on social media
“I am SO HUMBLED to become this exalted among men!” -Any person on Facebook ever who has just achieved something

“I am SO HUMBLED to graduate as Class President, valedictorian, and swim team captain!” -That asshat who really is a genius but insecure af
by thatasshat March 12, 2019
To have swag You say "sit down be humble!"
Moron standing up shaking his butt in the air.
Swag: Sit down be humble!
Moron just got trolled. :)
by X Drogon October 9, 2017