What happens when Lebron James takes over a basketball game.
Dave: LeBron had a hell of a game last night.

Brett: Yeah, he has no regard for human life.
by pittsburghsucks May 15, 2008
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Have you checked out the definition of "hoe life or no life"?
You are not really a hoe.
Dude1:hoe life or lifeless
Dude2:no,human life or no life
by Artemvideourban January 29, 2023
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Real life human being...
Means a human being that lives on planet earth...who eats...breathes...and is not a computer....
When i take the time to call a business /service company that i pay a monthly bill to...i expect to discuss my questions/concerns with a real life human being....a real llfe human being....who is a human being ...that lives on planet earth...who eats...breathes and is not a computer...instead of me getting pissed off at a computer....that has no ears... to hear me speak slowly...ever...i think customer service is person to person....and all persons deserve a job....not a computer...
by PRETTY IN COPPER July 18, 2017
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I mean... You had a lot more to say about the plagiarism. I don't know what to tell you.
Hym "In the context of my current situation I'm not all that fond of human life right now... I mean, you're supposed to be the good one."
by Hym Iam February 23, 2023
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