A lactating female who allows herself to have her jugs hooked up to a cow milking machine, usually wearing a cow mask and cow print leather chaps.
That guy's girlfriend is a human cow! He milks her...literally.
by Trish54 February 9, 2009
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a person and/or being that tans for about every second of the day and has leathery, cowlike skin. Frequently found among the tourists/weird peoples of southern states
There was, like, FIVE human cows walking down the street!

That girl is SUCH a human cow, it hurts to look at her.
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noun. when someone weighs more than a cow and a pig combine. they eat more than a cow in a single sitting. Also, when they hide behind a newspaper eating 3 mixing bowls of apple cinnamon oatmeal in one sitting.
Mino : did you see that human cow over there?
Pinto: yeah! i saw it grazing over by the oatmeal aisle
Mino: Damn! and i need to buy me some before the human cow eats it all
by Motorola_Queen January 23, 2008
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