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The funniest and most cutest girl you will ever meet in your life. Hui Xin makes the best friend anyone could ever wish for. She will never fail to make you laugh with her clumsiness. She will always be there in your time of need and you can always count on her.
Hui Xin is pretty and can't stop smiling. No one knows the secret to her unstoppable laughter. She laughs at anything and everything.

Loves breaking school rules and being a rebel when she wants to.
Crazy over kpop and loves food. Be kind to her and she will shower you with all her love and care.
Boy: Oh man look at Hui Xin at that sushi restaurant, having fun with all her friends
Girl: Yea, I sure wonder what is her secret to happiness.
by Jerry Stilton June 11, 2018
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