Laughter - most prominent with speakers of Brazilian Portuguese.

The Brazilian equivalent of "haha".
MMOplayer1: "gibe moni plos"

MMOplayer2: "buff plis"

MMOplayer1: "br?"

by csdstncffct March 10, 2011
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Girl: So then my new boyfriend tripped. It was soooo funny.

Ex bf: Tell him I said "HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE." He'll understand.
by TrickJoker January 10, 2010
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1. The noise a crackhead makes
2. The noise that someone makes instead of saying that's what she said or if you know what I mean
e.g Maksim: Wanna get in my van huehuehue
e.g 2 Person 1: It's huge!

Person 2: huehuehue
by ARandomPersonWithALongName October 18, 2017
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