1. To turn a hand from being a notable underdog in a pot, to the winning hand on 5th street EVERYTIME
two pair, 6’s and 2’s…….hoyled again!"
by DR April 12, 2005
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Hoyle is a name for an absolute amazing person. Once you have met a Hoyle make sure you become friends, they make amazing friends
I really wish I was friends with a Hoyle
by The.Bright.Light August 30, 2017
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When you make a typo and the result still makes weird and funny sense or sounds good
by Andien September 21, 2017
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an absolute dickweed who just cant get enough cock in his ass, 07826173688,
fat single and ready to mingle.
by jack hoyle November 9, 2008
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A group of teenagers that live in north myrtle beach south carolina. Most of witch are stoners. These children are known for planking, disruping old people, and smoking marijuana (exept for two names must stay untold)
I meet a member of the hoyles and they smelt like weed.
by RICK JAMES BITCH!!!! October 24, 2011
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a playground legend and hustler in the streets of LA. He is one of the greatest streetball players ever. Most importantly, he proves that WHITE MEN CAN JUMP and gives white basketball players everywhere hope.
Billy Hoyle: I'll tell you what. Why don't we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay.
by TwentyFiveToLife February 16, 2011
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jesse is a hot rage-gamer nerd who doesnt masturbate in front of other guys,even though he slightly gay openly admits it, i find him terribly gorgeous and funny. Even when hes screaming at a game, kinda huge turn on tooo. but lets not talk about that? Music? ohhhh he has a great sense of music, he makes me smile alot. :)
"You know that jesse hoyle dude?"
"Errrrr Yeahh. I slept with his raccooon"
"AWHHHHSomee. How About an awesome foursome?"

"soooo you know jessseeee?"
"yeahh he's like a bad ass, except cuter."
"Word. Keep It Real."
"Keep it Sexy."

the end :)
by Perculiar, ;) June 21, 2009
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