When you are so damn hungry you feel like a wolf on the hunt for some grub. Similar to beasting, except you don't have the food yet.
Guy 1: Damn nigga, you ate that whole pizza last night?
Guy 2: Hell yea, I was howlin' for some food after workin' all day.
by DaveMachine September 05, 2007
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Howlin' is a predominantly scottish term for extremely smelly or a pungent aroma
Give that toilet a wide berth, who's been in there, it's howlin'!
by The Scottish Contingent October 17, 2006
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You're wildin out, or acting crazy
"I told Jen you liked her" " bro fr? You're howlin. Why would you tell her?"
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by Lovehandle157 March 16, 2017
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