"Oh that movie Wild Hogs with John Travola was real funny. We was howlin' all night."
by Steeley Mcbeam October 26, 2008
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When you are so damn hungry you feel like a wolf on the hunt for some grub. Similar to beasting, except you don't have the food yet.
Guy 1: Damn nigga, you ate that whole pizza last night?
Guy 2: Hell yea, I was howlin' for some food after workin' all day.
by DaveMachine September 05, 2007
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Howlin' is a predominantly scottish term for extremely smelly or a pungent aroma
Give that toilet a wide berth, who's been in there, it's howlin'!
by The Scottish Contingent October 17, 2006
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A "Howlin' Wolf", also known as a "Chester Arthur Burnett" (1910 - 1976), was a blues musician who stood like Goliath and squealed like a banshee. One critic described his voice as "the sound of God trying to pass a kidney stone while running over elephants with a bulldozer". George Lucas has often calimed that the character of Darth Vader was created to be a less badass version of Howlin' Wolf. Mr. Wolf paved the way for many of the big, sweaty, black men in the business today. That said, you owe him big, Biggie.
That guy is almost as badass as Howlin' Wolf.

Last night my woman and I made sweet love to the eargasmic sounds of Howlin' Wolf.
by WhiteGuilt May 28, 2009
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A shocker, but with 3 fingers up the vagina, the pinky still up the anus, and the thumb playing with the clitoris; like a dog shadow puppet.
I started giving my girlfriend a shocker, but she screamed for more, so I gave her the howlin' bitch!
by Viper76 May 24, 2013
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Howlin' Mad is a name given to people who are utterly insane. (H.M) abbrv. is the sign of someone with this disorder. illusions also occur often
Captain 'H.M' Murdock (A-Team Pilot)
Luke (H.M) Young
Joshua (H.M) Turner
Jordan (H.M) Wright
Sophie (H.M) Kerby
by amitrh June 07, 2005
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When a person or group of people react with a moan or wolf cry sound when someone gets schooled or put in there place.
The Wolf was a Howlin when Lebron's dunk was blocked Robinson in game 3.
by Classy Fred February 17, 2015
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