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Team that, although only two years old, can still beat up on well established teams.
by Da Man October 30, 2003
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The NFL's newest team, the Texans were established in 2002. After struggling during their first two seasons, they appeared to be turning a corner with a 7-9 record in 2004 and better play by quarterback David Carr. However, they finished as the worst team in the league in '05, taking a big step backwards. The Texans are known for having a poor offensive line (which leads to many sacks), mediocre defense, and bad runningbacks.
"The Houston Texans go down again. They lose to the 49ers, and Houston will be the worst team in the National Football League."
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
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An expansion team of the NFL established in 2002 that plays in the AFC South.

They haven't had a winning season since it's establishment, making them the worst team in the NFL.

After finishing 2-14 in 2005, they had the No. 1 draft pick and could've chosen Reggie Bush or Vince Young but they drafted Mario Williams instead, making it the worst draft mistake in NFL history.

In the past two years, they finished 8-8, giving them a .500 season.

They are the only NFL team that hasn't made it to the playoffs.

Mainly because they are the biggest choke artists in the NFL and they always get assraped by the Colts.

Pretty much, they are the suckiest team in the NFL.
(end of the first half)

CBS Sports: "and we are now headed to halftime, the Houston Texans leading 20-7."

(after the game)

CBS Sports: "The Indianapolis Colts have done it again. They single-handedly beat the Houston Texans again. They remain undefeated, 11-0. Final score, Colts 35 Texans 27."
by rudylicious2009™ December 01, 2009
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A team that will never win a Super Bowl.
When the Houston Texans once again lost to the New England Patriots, it was apparent they would never win a Super Bowl.
by Alun Richardson November 18, 2018
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