a place of pure touchure and choas they arent afraid to snap a rubber band across ur ass for buying gay music....hot topic is also known as posers'R'us..the only thing cool about hot topic is the ppl that work there who arent afriad to kick ur ass for saying good charlotte is punk..and also they carry some good-ish music..and band shirts are cool too..but as for the carebears and the matching "goth/punk" outfits fuck off and find some real clothes wannabes...
Poser:like omg racheal see my simple plan button i got from hot topic im like so punk rock now..

acceptable person: even though it came from hot topic my ramones shirt is cool.
by Kyla March 15, 2004
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A place that i hate cos its lame and so are the employees. Bunch a fucks go to look cool while ill stick to my goodwill bought jacket that i stud on my own sit from Mexico.
Fuck a bunch of Hot Pocket...oi oi oi ::kicks a HT in the nuts::
by Punk Skanker P3n0r September 24, 2003
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a stupid store that sells manufactured punk ispired clothes and GC stirts which is even worse.
your tax dollars on the clothes you buy at hot topic go to support the war!!!!
by bubba October 02, 2003
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A very dark freak show where fat, ugly, ance faced goths go to. (there clothing sucks)
Hey mommy since i slit my wrists and dont take showers, can i start shopping at hot topic so i can look like a french depressed poet.
by A dude who hate's goths December 03, 2004
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a poser store, nonetheless. It attempts to sell the "punk look" which is stupid, mainly because there is no "punk look" and the "punk look" they try to sell is the bastardized punk look from bands from the sex pistols and onward. If you shop there and give them the sales, then you are giving in to the fucks and are a poser.
poser: "Im being myself by shopping here"
me: "no you arent you're giving into corporate america and even if youre buying bands that are good you're still a poser for giving into a place that gives a wrong idea of what punk is."
poser: "come on, hot topic is just a store"
me: "Hitler was just a person, you know"
by captain atheism June 26, 2006
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Hot Topic is a place where 12 year old girls shop to buy Fall Out Boy shirts and think there so HXC Hot Topic is also a place where heavy girls try to squeeze themselves into Corsets with ugly bondage pants and think they are HXC while listening to Slipknot
Girl:Did you buy that new slipknot cd at Hot Topic?
Guy:Hell yeah I dig guys in masks
by Liz- June 26, 2006
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