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Farting onto the back of the person's head who is sitting in front of you, while seated in stacked, row-style seats typically found in arena or stadium venues.
Derrick, while enjoying a fine hockey game in the nosebleed section, farted . Unfortunately, Derrick did not backboard the fart thus seeping it out via the front onto Dylan's head, who was seated head to crotch level in front of him. The fart's heat gave Dylan a hot neck.
by The neato torpedo May 03, 2018
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The act of shooting a load of hot cum on your buddies neck while you two are tag teaming some random whore...
While Bobbie and Markus was fucking that bitch the other night in Bspa, Markus hit him with a fresh hot neck off the side....LoLzy !
by JimmieMacc November 23, 2011
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