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Something you say when somebody has been incessantly pressuring you to take a particular action--usually one you don't want to take. Especially applicable for a man, in the case of an undesirable female jocking his shit.
Girl: When are we going to have dinner together?

Guy: Damn, bitch, I told you you're nasty. Get off my tip!


Boss: When are you going to get that report to me? I've asked you for it 3 times.

Employee: Get off my tip, bitch! I told you already, I'll get it to you when it's done!
by werdtreb October 08, 2008

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The condition of someone being so fat, that the horizontal fat rolls on the back of their neck stack up, resembling a package of hot dogs.
Damn, bitch, get off my tip! I don't fuck bitches with hot dog neck...unless, of course, I'm hoggin'.


That guy just ordered 4 Arby's Melt's, a large curly fry, potato pancakes, an apple turnover , a large Jamocha shake, and a diet. No wonder he's got hot dog neck.
by werdtreb October 12, 2009

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