when you take the tip of the condom a guy is wearing, pull it back like a slingshot, then let it snap down on the head of his dick.
...so she pretended that she wanted sex, and when he put a condom on, she hot tipped the daylights out of him. (8==//D) <-- diagram of a broken penis after a hot tipping. turns black when broken / stays black if you are black.
by ahmadic January 23, 2009
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Feeding your sexual partner gaseous foods then having them fart on the penetrated tip of your hard cock, causing magical vibrations.
Shelly ate a bunch of cabbage last night so hot tipping was awesome this morning. The vibrations almost made me cream pie that ass.
by Hammercock4240 October 14, 2021
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An Australian piece of slang to indicate that whatever the tip is is extremely solid, like inside information or coming directly from the source.
I'll give you the red hot tip mate, Billy is getting the arse tomorrow, put your name into the ring and you might get a shot at his sheila.
by barry dawson the cougar December 25, 2011
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