Something you yell out of anger when drunk and about to fight. This is used when your not gang affiliated leaving your opponent in confusion of where hot side is from.
You ain't from the hot side homie!
by Young Steezer January 28, 2014
A hot pocket side dish is the food parts that boil out over the sides of a hot pocket when you microwave it for too long. It is a great compliment to the main course as the hot pocket side dish cools off faster than the tasty goop inside the pocket.

Not to be confused with hot pocket side jawn
"Mom! Can you blow on my hot pocket!? It's too hot!"
"Just eat the hot pocket side dish while you wait for the hot pocket to cool off"
"Thanks, Mom!"

"I hate how hot my hot pockets get so I microwave them for too long and eat the hot pocket side dish that boils out of the sides."
by AutisticMomJeans May 19, 2016
A hot pocket side jawn is the girl in middle school that you used to finger and do hand jobs with behind your prudish, typically Christian, girlfriend's back. These illicit acts typically took place on the way home from school or right before school, which also happen to be great times to enjoy a hot pocket.
"Yo, Burns! I heard you was fuckin with Tina!"
"Nah, Duggie. Tina is just my hot pocket side jawn."
"Daaaamn! Misha aint puttin out that ass, huh?"
"Nah, yo."

"Hey, Peter. I thought you were dating Mary Beth Swanson but I saw you in the woods after school getting a hand job from Lucy!"
"Lucy is just my hot pocket side jawn because Mary Beth wont let me finger her."
"What a prude!"
by AutisticMomJeans May 19, 2016
During times when a male is cut off from females, such as deployment, hotness ratings may become artificially inflated. The state-side hotness rating is a Hotness Rating equivalent to the rating a female would be if they were in the Continental United States. The simplest method to determine this is the "mantourage / 2" method. Simply take the number of bros in her mantourage(flock of dudes surrounding her) and divide it by two.
Ex: Girl has 9 bros flocking around her.
Bro 1: Dude, she was hot!
Bro 2: Dude, her State-side Hotness Rating is a 4.5.
by MarkyMark33 April 4, 2014
When you see someone from an angle and think they are attractive but then they turn to face you and its not such a good look
*see someone*

Girl one: man that boy is cute

*boy turns*

Girl two: damn bad luck looks like we have a side hot on our hands
by justanotherfandomobsessedgirl January 20, 2015
we struggle with this @#%! every night
we struggle with this @#%! every night #hot side of pillow
by ojgfghh October 12, 2019