The combined acts of urinating and ejaculating simultaneously.
I blew hot mustard all over her white shirt while climaxing from the hand job I just received. Needless to say, the shirt (and my relationship with this woman) was ruined.
by Super Sexy Italian Guy Steve August 01, 2010
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Hot Yellow Ass Mustard: the result of anally straining oneself beyond one's limits then exposing that matter to a heated element.
After we ate the bean burrito we had a farting contest in which Matt pushed too hard and sprayed ass mustard all over the space heater causing it to become hot yellow ass mustard.
by Frankendouche August 29, 2005
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When a guy is receiving a blowjob from his girl and as she attempts to deep throat him she suddenly sneezes so violently she ejects from her nose a yellowish snot trail all over his majestic manhood plus she accidentally bites his magnificent va-jay-jay impaler but it doesn’t quite draw blood.
Thanks to her allergies and missing teeth, Belinda created a hot dog with mustard, hold the ketchup situation last night on her date with Homer.
by theinstigator June 03, 2016
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When your shit is burning hot and running and it's almost an orangish-brown type color
"Bro, hand me the toilet paper. I had Taco Bell today so I'm spewing hot mustard all over the fuckin' toilet.
by somebodythatyoudontknow May 05, 2018
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